Saturdays 6pm | Sunday 9am & 11am


Saturdays 6pm | Sunday 9am & 11am


Following the mission of our church, lifeKIDS exists to compel KIDS to become passionate followers of Christ.

The lifeKIDS team wants to be part of every child’s journey to discovering who God is and the extraordinary things He wants for their life now and in the future. We do this by coming together to build a foundation in kids for salvation by connecting them to God, His Word, and His people.

We do this through large groups and small groups. Large group services are where we gather together for fun games, engaging worship, and an age appropriate lesson, often told in creative ways to grab their attention. Small groups are when we break down into like gender and grade groups to be led through discussion questions, prayer, and activities (based on application, review and/or Memory Verse).


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