Saturdays 6pm | Sunday 9am & 11am


Saturdays 6pm | Sunday 9am & 11am

Acts 13:36, “For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep.”

The Legacy Campaign acknowledges that we will all ‘fall asleep’ one day - however, it is our desire to have served God’s purpose in our own generation prior to that time. In fact, the endeavors for which the Legacy Campaign will be allocated point beyond our generation and into the next!

Our goal is:

• to create spaces where people can Connect with one another in order to deepen and live out their faith in community and

• to Expand our influence and the ability to reach new people with the Hope of Jesus Christ.

Will you partner with us through the Legacy Campaign to create those spaces and opportunities in 2020 and beyond?
Yes! I'm ready to Give.
Did you miss Legacy Campaign weekend? Download the brochure and commitment card or listen to the message below:
Brochure with Commitment Card Watch "Make a Difference"



Connection - $155K

  • New flow and design for The Landing and The Gathering spaces
  • New meeting room for Discover, Academy, and other classes
  • Relocate/Redesign Connect Center
  • New Mother's Room
  • Potential exterior expansion off of Gathering

Growth - $10K

  • Exterior Signage on Swinnea Road

Outreach - $200K

Olive Branch


Connection - $50K

  • Seating area: lighting,ceiling cloud, furnishings and area rugs
North Hall
  • Office Expansion / Dream Team Hub
  • Seating area: ceiling cloud, new furnishings & area rugs
  • Textured and repainted walls

Growth - $180K

Rear Parking Lot
  • Curbed, paved, lit, landscaped
  • Enhanced aesthetics - back of building

Weekend Experience - $70K

Audio Upgrades
  • New microphones, in-ear monitors, sound console

Outreach - $100K

  • Contribute to the Dream Center



Growth - $40K

  • Community Impact Events
  • Tools for Outreach
Weekend Experience
  • New projector in the auditorium

Outreach - $40K

  • Contribute to the Dream Center



Growth - $1M

  • Survey land
  • Finalize plans: Schedule buildout phases
  • Potential daycare: due diligence
  • Signage on property
  • Begin construction

Outreach - $100K

  • Contribute to the Dream Center

Dream Center

Goal: $440K

- First Year Operations: $200K

- Buildout: $200K

- Promo/Marketing: $40K

= Completed by April 2020

= Completed by August 2020

= Completed by December 2020